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OMNIFATE textual description: 

OMNIFATE is a short little choice-based RPG where you appear in an alien world and try to escape, all the while meeting new friends with the same goal as you are, and possibly saving, or destroying, all the alien life on the planet.

Step into an alien world, unaware of how you got there. Explore and make friends.

Will you destroy all the monsters, or let the world fall to its destruction...?



OMNIFATE released on September 9, 2023 on Steam. A DRM-free release is planned for early 2024.

Two small bugfix updates released on October 5 and 11, respectively.

OMNIFATE's first relatively big update, fixing some bugs and adding some unused features, is planned for release in January 2024.



OMNIFATE box/cover art:

Here is the link to the full image so you can download it: 


Lekooliatris Games intro noise (used for trailers):

Lekooliatris Games Intro.mp3

OMNIFATE trailer music ("Another Vehicle Pun"):

Another Vehicle Pun.mp3


Two new games are currently in the concepts stage, with a bit of early development kickstarted on the latter. Due to the state of these projects, we will not currently reveal more info about them. They have been teased about on the Instagram accounts @witty_tag and @lekooliatrisgames , as well as on the Lekooliatris Games Newsletter.

One entirely separate project is being primarily focused on at the current moment. It has most of its codebase done, but the actual content of the game is not present. It will most likely be released within the following year or two, with an announcement and demo by the end of 2024, barring unusual circumstances or things that could halt progress.