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OMNIFATE textual description: 

OMNIFATE is a turn-based RPG, in development, in GameMaker Studio 2, for PC.

Playtime: about 15 minutes to reach an ending. It is a short game.

It features differences to tropes commonly used in the turn-based RPG genre.

Decide the fate of the world. Will you remove the monsters, one by one, or let the world fall to its destruction..? You can choose what happens.

OMNIFATE available September 9, 2023 on Steam,, and the Microsoft Store (Windows).




OMNIFATE box/cover art:

Here is the link to the full image so you can download it: 

Lekooliatris Games intro noise (used for trailers):

Lekooliatris Games Intro.mp3

OMNIFATE trailer music ("Another Vehicle Pun"):

Another Vehicle Pun.mp3