Patch Notes - April 23, 2024


- Fixed a crash that could occur in a certain room in Cerulea. Thanks you, Cuubluu, for reporting this issue.


- Redrew the "6" in the font used in the game. I've never been really proud of it, and now that this is version, I figured it would be a good time to redraw it.

- Fixed an issue where the redrawn square brackets ( [] ) introduced in were inconsistent in spacing. - April 16, 2024

Fixed an issue where the arcade in Ardent wouldn't render properly. - April 14, 2024


- The first line of dialogue in a set is no longer automatically fully displayed as soon as you start the conversation.

- The new gamepad system should now actually handle dialogue correctly. - April 12, 2024


- Fixed an issue where having a gamepad and a keyboard connected at the same time would not allow you to advance to the next dialogue box when playing with the keyboard.

- Fixed an issue where dialogue was not added to one of the things in one of the secret rooms, thus resulting in a crash.


- Fixed an issue where having a gamepad and a keyboard connected at the same time would not allow you to open or use the menu when playing with a keyboard. - April 10, 2024


- Added support for gamepads during a certain secret, and updated said secret to have a button prompt for gamepads.

- Significantly reworked how the controls work underlyingly. This change makes it so that any combination of keyboard, Nintendo controller, and Xbox controller should work simultaneously, allowing you to play the game with a keyboard when a controller is also plugged in, or vice versa. Additionally, the WASD keys can now also be used to move the character when playing with a keyboard.


- Updated a line of dialogue to coincide with the new ability to use the WASD keys to move.

- Added a secret that has something to do with ringing and bluu.


- Updated the sound test/music player menu. (Specifically, the menu is now separated into two pages, and the songs from update have been added.) - March 27, 2024


- Fixed an issue where some areas in a secret room weren't acting correctly.

- Fixed an issue where some new music added in would still play even when music was turned off.

- Changed the layout of the room to the east of the arcade in Ardent, fixed a bug there, and added a small secret in that room.


- Fixed an issue where a certain NPC integral to's dialogue was acting inconsistent and sometimes crashing the game.


- Fixed an issue where you could open the menus during some parts of a secret sequence of events in which you shouldn't have been able to open the menu. - March 23, 2024


- Fixed a bug where you could open the menu during the intro credits.

- Fixed a bug where the text that would appear when deleting a save file would appear in the wrong location.

- Added a secret that has a chance to appear after the intro credits and before the title screen.

- The intro credits creen now plays the noise from the trailer.

- Updated the copyright notice.


- Cutscenes no longer repeat, for the most part.

- Rewrote some confusing dialogue. (Specifically, at the beginning with the first Trew you meet in the house, and with the cutscene in which you meet Yukina.)

- Fixed some typos.

- Added an interaction with the table and chair in the house you wake up in.

- Fixed some issues with the font used in the game. (Specifically, the "q" now looks correct, and the "E" is now width-consistent. Additionally, the square brackets have been redrawn entirely, and some characters that weren't used in the game were also remade.)


- The left stick on a gamepad can now be used to move the character. (Note that menus are still controlled with the D-Pad.)

- Fixed a bug where the music would restart in Yukina's house when going in between her house and kitchen.

- The way in which you go into a certain secret room has been altered.

- Added more stuff to that aforementioned secret room.

- Added a new easter egg.

- Fixed a bug where you couldn't go backwards in a certain room in Lareed.

- Added some more stuff to Smalland.

- Added a certain NPC to more areas of the game.

- A couple of rooms in the game have had their sizes and general layout altered. (Specifically, the room leading up to the arcade in Ardent, the arcade itself, the room with all the NPCs in Ardent, the room directly after the phone guy in the Field, and Smalland.)

- Fixed a bug where c'Raig's music could still play if you talked to him with music turned off.


- The game can now be played with most Nintendo controllers.

(I tested this with an official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, a knock-off one, a Wii U Pro Controller, and a Nitro Deck. I can't really test every single Nintendo controller, but I'm pretty sure it works with most ones people use for modern games. Note that if an Xbox controller and a Nintendo controller are plugged in at the same time, in most cases the game will prefer the Nintendo one.)

- The window size can now be adjusted. (Note that non-1:1 window sizes will cause the game to become pixel inconsistent and look bad. Also, pressing Alt+Enter will run the game in fullscreen.)

- Added a "wrong room" screen if your save file gets corrupted or if you're being a dirty hacker and your saved room ends up in a development-related room.

- Added a failsafe for losing battles.

- Added a little thingy that goes ring ring, and the consequences that would arise from the misuse of one.

- The game now contains 200% more jumpscares than it did before. - October 11, 2023


- Fixed an issue where losing a battle could crash the game. - October 5, 2023


- Fixed an issue where interacting with the space where Ker was after he joins your party would crash the game.


- Added ability to access certain easter eggs when playing with a gamepad.

- Added ability to speed up credits speed when playing with a gamepad. (press Y on a standard XInput controller to double credits speed)

- Added ability to skip intro credits when playing with a gamepad.


- Added a certain thing to a certain easter egg. - September 9, 2023

Original release.