This is the readme.txt file included with OMNIFATE. If you lost yours, you can come here for it.

OMNIFATE is a short little turn-based RPG that has some differing choices to tropes commonly used in its genre.

If the game is not opening for you, make sure that all of the files included with your download of the game are in the folder you installed it to.

Open omnifate.exe to run the game.

OMNIFATE copyright Lekooliatris Games 2021, 2023.


The save file is located at C:\Users\youruser\AppData\Local\Omnifate_RPG

To make mods, I would recommend using UndertaleModTool.

I know the game isn't in fullscreen!! If you wanna play in fullscreen, there is a separate fullscreen executable along with your download (if you downloaded from Steam and want a fullscreen copy, contact Lekooliatris Games.)


OMNIFATE is set up to be fully playable with an XInput controller plugged into port 0.

The controls are this (as layed out on an Xbox 360 controller) as opposed to a keyboard:

D-Pad = Arrow Keys

A = Enter

Y = Control

B = Shift

Start = Escape