OMNIFATE - Terms of Service

These are the Terms of Service for OMNIFATE. Please read them before play. They have been simplified and cut down to make them easy to understand.


I have tried to make these as brief as possible and understandable to all. I have tried to cut down on the amount of legalese. Feel free to email me if a part of this does not make sense.

These terms and conditions will be easier to read if we pre-define some phrases used in them:


You may mod this Application at your own will and volition, as long as the prospective mod does not include references to rape, sexual actions, gore, genocide, nuclear war, “LGBTQIA+”, or profanity.

Lekooliatris Games is not responsible to support your modified Application if you do mod the game, but reserves the right to do if we so choose. Lekooliatris Games is not responsible for any Mods made to the Application. Where limited, by means of Messaging, or “Taking down”, Lekooliatris Games may take actions to remove Mods from Digital Distribution.

Lekooliatris Games is not responsible for the User's experience with Mods and assumes no responsibility for anything relating to them.

File policy

The files included in this Application may be reproduced online as long as full, proper credit is given to Lekooliatris Games and the files do not account for greater than 25% of the work they are included in. This excludes music and Mods. Music files are allowed to be reproduced at will as as long as full, proper credit is given and they were originally downloaded from a Digital Storefront. Mods may be made with every asset provided in the Application's files so long as the files do not account for greater than 80% of unmodified material of the Mod.

Fan art

You may create fan art of events depicted in the Application or related to the Application, with limitations:

You must not include nudity, sexual actions, “LGBTQIA+” or otherwise.

You must not create fan art containing third party content without the legal rights to do so.

If a user's art is found not abiding to the ToS, Lekooliatris Games may send in a remove request for the specified art piece.

Digital Storefronts

You may purchase the Application off of a Digital Storefront. The Application will be posted by “koola” and/or “Lekooliatris Games”. The Application may require credit card, debit card, 2-factor, or cryptocurrency authentication to purchase from the Digital Storefront. Lekooliatris Games is not liable for any possible identity fraud or bank system errors during this purchase. However, if the download fails or your copy of the Application is damaged, corrupted, broken, bugged, or likewise, in any way, please contact We may, at our discretion, give you a free copy (see the "Piracy" section in these Terms for further information.)

Health Concerns

Some individuals may be prone to visual effects in the Application. Some individuals may experience epileptic seizures. If you are known to have any photosensitive-related conditions, consult a medical advisor before usage of the Application. Lekooliatris Games is not responsible for any health problems that may arise from use of this Application.


You MUST not download the program in any way not authorized, including downloading through cloud storage services. If a pirated copy is found, Lekooliatris Games will take the full extent given by law to take it down. Lekooliatris Games may, at its own discretion, provide a copy of the Application free of charge because of the following reasons without the use of a Digital Storefront:

a) The User cannot purchase the Application due to electronic errors / bugs. 

b) The User is a employee of Lekooliatris Games,

c) or at Lekooliatris Games's sole discretion.

These versions of the Application are not subject to Updates or any further improvements, but we reserve the right to recieve Updates to these versions if we choose.

All versions of the Application, except in the case of Mods, (see the "Mods" section for further details) may not be distributed online without a Digital Storefront or Lekooliatris Games's sole discretion.

Commercial Downloads

Every individual, corporate entity, or otherwise who downloads the Application is given a revocable, permanent license to stream or record it, as well as any Mods you may have downloaded. You may upload aforementioned recordings to any website that hosts them, such as YouTube,, Twitter (X), or otherwise. You may not record or stream with claims that Lekooliatris Games sent you the game if that did not happen. Lekooliatris Games is not responsible for anything that may occur on these platforms; however if the content recorded appears to be in violation of these Terms, Lekooliatris Games has the right to remove the content by contacting the publisher of the contact and submitting a “take-down” request.


Every individual, corporate entity, or other user is given a revocable right to translate into various written languages the Application through the use of Mods. All of the rules stated in these Terms about Mods also apply to these translations.

Officially Recognized & Approved”

Lekooliatris Games may promote new non-English translations as “Officially Recognized & Approved”. If so, the translations in question will be moved to the top of the “Mod Store”, and Lekooliatris Games may remove other translations in favor of supporting the promoted Mod.

License Terms

This License will end automatically if you breach any of the terms.

When this License ends you must stop all use of the Application and destroy and erase any copies you have. These Terms may be updated at any time without notifying the User. These Terms go into effect immediately at the time of publication.


Lekooliatris Games has the right to release Updates to the Application that may be provided directly or by the Digital Storefront from which the user has purchased the Application. Users of the Application have a revocable and permanent right to downgrade or update their software. If the User is not on the current Update of the Application, Lekooliatris Games has no requirement to provide any “customer support” to the User. Lekooliatris Games may do so if it wishes.

Bug Reports

The User, if he or she so pleases, may report computer bugs found in the Application to any one of Lekooliatris Games's customer support emails listed at the end of these Terms. Lekooliatris Games assumes no responsibility to reply to these emails or address them if the subject matter is resolved.

YoYo Games Affiliation

This Application was made using GameMaker. GameMaker is the intellectual property of YoYo Games Ltd, a company of the United Kingdom.

All copyright and other intellectual property rights in GameMaker and parts of it included in the Application belong to and vest in YoYo Games. All rights of YoYo Games are hereby asserted and reserved.

All trade marks are the property of their respective owners and YoYo Games makes no warranty or representation in respect of and has no responsibility and excludes all liability for any trade mark or third party content.

Lekooliatris Games's Customer Support Emails

If you have a problem with this Application please e-mail one of the following e-mail addresses: or 

Acceptance of the Terms

If you do not accept them terms you may not continue with the installation and you must not install, use or run this Application on this or any other computer.

As a reward for reading all that legalese, have a nice smiley face and an Amogus.